Beautiful Hair

I sit across the table from you,
drinking in the beauty the I see in you,
I am basking in the warmth of your soul,
and I never ever want this feeling to go.

Your hair like the mane of a thorough bred horse,
gleems in the sun and makes any kind of comparison coarse,
the way it frames the rest of your face,
like a beautiful frame, it is perfectly in place.

I remember the smell from the last time I held you close,
and it returns in an instant and feels warm as it enters my nose,
and tingles me deep down inside and delves deep into my brain,
and brings back the wonderful sensation, like the air after a fresh spring rain.

I remember how it felt as it caressed my cheek,
it almost overwhelmed me and make my knees feel so weak,
So smooth and silky like a warm winter fire,
it felt so wonderful and lifted my spirits higher.

I am envious of it's lucky life,
for it can be near you during it's entire life,
Feeling your warmth and being nearby,
Thinking of how close it is to you, brings to my lips a gentle sigh.

I close my eyes briefly and think in my mind,
how wonderful it would be if I could reach out and caress it one more time,
how soft and warm it would feel to the touch,
and how gently the warmth would almost be too much.

To sit across from you and think these thoughts,
fills my entire body with only one thought,
My wish is that I could let you feel,
for just one moment how wonderful you can make life feel so real.

Night Lady

She comes to me late at night,
After I've laid down and turned off my lights,
In my dreams I see her face so clear,
And have held her close and whispered in her ear.

Her hair glistens in the sun so soft and fine,
I run my hands gently through it all of the time,
I trace my fingertips over her face,
I can close my eyes and picture her anyplace.

Her eyes gentle and knowing probe deep into my soul,
All my thoughts are laid bare for her to know,
Holding her close, feeling her heartbeat next to mine,
I wish for the day when she will really be mine.

Late Night

I lay here late at night,
Close my eyes and am blessed by the sight,
I picture your smiling face in my mind,
and the memory of your voice so soft and kind.

Your eyes sparkle like two drops of dew on the grass,
and oh how my heart longs to hear your laugh,
My skin longs for a gentle caress of your fingertips,
And my soul longs for the promise of a kiss.

Life's Treasure's

Day by day your life goes by,
Some days are sad and make you cry,
Other days are bright and sunny,
And it seems like everything is funny.

Some friends may come and some may go,
Things can happen fast or they can happen slow,
But a true friendship always brings pleasure,
And is one of life's most cherished treasures.