Update on what's been happening with me

I know a lot of people realize that I've had some health issues lately.  Well I've decided that I'm not going to try and be coy about it, I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer back in January and have been working with an Oncologist here in High Point. 

I recently created a site for friends and family who would like to keep up with what's going on, that way I'm not flooding this blog with those updates, I want to keep this focused on my projects, the Arduino class and other really fun stuff :)

You can go to MyLifeline Site and see what's going on, and if you want to comment or give support you can sign up as well.

Thanks to everyone who's helped me get this far, and I know that I've got some of the best friends in the world now I've gotten so much support and encouragement.


Burlington Mini Maker Faire

Work has been very busy lately, and that combined with the upcoming Maker Faire I haven't had a lot of chances to work on much.  I still need to make some minor fixes to my printers to prepare for Saturday, and I have to make some signs and start printing out the Yoda heads :)

I have ordered another printer, this is actually a kit from Banggood for an acrylic Prusa I3.  I'm going to add a heated bed to it and we'll see how well it performs.

I have also been working on cleaning up my two workshops at my house in preparation for the Laser Cutter build.  I've finally got the last parts I needed (the laser tube, power supply and controller) so I'm ready to start the assembly.  The first step is to hook up all the electronics and make sure that's all working, then I'll be starting on the frame.  I still haven't decided what material to use for the panels, but I might get some panels from Inventables to use.

Then I have my Rostock 3DR to put together, I've had all the parts, but again no place to build it.  I had let my workbench get cluttered and it's just not good to try and put together a printer in a cluttered workspace :)

I also want to put together my 1.75 extruder for filament, and also the chopper so I can do colors more consistently.