Two more updates

The first one is about my Libelle first flights.

I took it out to a local park (Gibson park) and went out on the soccer field.  Did my assembly of the plane, range checked it, checked the controls, and started with the trim flights.

It was pretty spot on, only took me 5 trim flights to get it dialed in where I could throw it and just watch it glide and land on its own :)

Then I tried a side hand throw and it did pretty well again, flat flight, forgot to turn on landing mode, but still landed well.  Did another side hand throw, then did a full DLG launch throw but didn't try to push it.  

It climbed well and floated really good, I was really enjoying it a lot.  Next DLG launch and all of a sudden it goes into a left hand spiral VERY hard. Flips over and noses straight in with the wing halves going separate directions away from the fuselage.  During the entire time I was frantically trying to correct it, but had no response.  Took a look at the plane and couldn't figure out why the left aileron was all the way up, or the rudder all the way hard left.

Took the radio and tried turning the ailerons and the rudder, and I heard the servos but their was no motion.  Turns out the servos had been stripped :(

So I think I'm going to just buy a whole kit again and build another one, buy some new servos and then get started again :)  I just had too much fun on the short flights I had.

The other update is on my personal smart watch project, well it's actually the OSWatch Project.

I've gotten almost all the parts to start assembling it, but I missed ordering the TTL to usb converter that I need to program the Microduino.  That's been ordered and hopefully should be here soon.

In the meantime I downloaded the iOS app source code to my new laptop, and compiled it and loaded it on my iPhone 5s.  Worked the first time, so I'm very happy with how that went.

More updates to follow as I continue to actually get some of my projects done!!