Libelle DLG

Well my buddy Tim AKA IFlyOS has talked me into yet another variation of the RC hobby, namely DLG or Discus Launched Glider.  Basically it's a typical glider, except very strong, and with a small handle on a wingtip that you use to hurl it into the air in the same motion as a Discus.

He recommended a new foam glider from Dream-Flight called the Libelle.  After watching some videos on youtube and reading some reviews about it I decided that this would be a good easy way for me to get my feet wet in DLG.

Total cost for the plane and the flight kit (servos, horns, battery, servo extensions) was $200 and it came within 3 days of ordering it.  The packaging was superb as even though the USPS gave it to the gorillas in the warehouse and they beat the box, poked holes in it, and damaged the outer box so bad that I couldn't slide the inner box out but had to cut it out, it came through with zero damage.

All the parts were wrapped in bubble wrap and secured with small pieces of tape to keep them from shifting around.  The manual is a refreshing change from the typical Chinese translations, it has good step by step instructions for both building, setting up your radio and your fist flights along with high quality pictures to go along with everything.

I'm going to be using some foam safe CA to assemble it, and the best part is tonight's Meetup was cancelled, and I'm only working 1/2 day tomorrow so I'll have plenty of time to work on it tonight and tomorrow.  Another huge plus is last night I finally cleaned off my workbench (well 3/4's of it) and have enough room to work comfortably on the build.