Back to normal printing and the Ordbot

Well I've finished experimenting with nylon and I made a few parts for my jeep that I'm really happy with.

I've started the upgrade of the bumblebee printer, installing a new bed, heater, new extruder nozzle and basically cleaning up everything from when I first got it running. I've decided that for now I'm going to use .4 nozzles as a good compromise between detail and speed.

I've been printing parts for an ordbot for a friend who wanted to build a reprap and I really like the design. It's going to be easy to align and also easy to enlarge the axis if you want too. It also has a lot of open space around the extruder, which is going to be important for the new enhancement to marlin. They have finally got auto leveling working really good, and it just requires a servo and another end stop switch mounted on the extruder. My next printer will be an ordbot with that feature :)

My hot end on the hippie printer, a standard Prusa , finally failed so I've switched back to another MakerGear hot end which is my last one. I'll be putting a j-head on it just like the bumblebee as it's been performing great.