More experimenting with print bed

Well I decided to give the Aqua Net hair spray a try instead of slurry to keep parts attached to the bed.

My first attempts were not very successful, either with clean glass or with the etched glass so I had temporarily switched back to slurry.

This morning I decided to give it another try, and this time I used much more than I did the last time.  Using more definitely seemed to do the trick.  A few nice things about the hair spray.

  1. I can print directly on glass, no etching required
  2. It smells much nicer than slurry (and yes, I got the non-scented but you can still smell it)
  3. It's very cheap, a large can was a little over a dollar at Wal-mart
  4. Taking it off is very easy, just spray a bit more and wipe it off, or scrape it off if you want to
  5. Even with extremely thin tall parts it didn't warp or peel up, and this was with 110 c bed temp.

So for now I'm going to keep using this as an option for printing, until I have some problems, or I'm satisfied that it's working well with all different types of parts.

Once I've reached that point I'll be cutting a new bed from my piece of borosilicate glass and use that.