Printing on etched glass part 3

Well, I've had mixed results so far printing on the glass. It seems like more complex shapes at the start of an object causes problems with it curling and getting caught on the hot end.

I have read that some people are using aqua net hair spray with plain glass, so I may give that a shot as well.

Even if I do need to use some slurry with the etched glass, it's a very good option compared to having to use any kind of tape or film and slurry.

I also found out that my OpenRail should ship this weekend, and I can't wait! I've decided to modify my y carriage design to put the delrin wheels on the outer to pieces of the frame, so their wont be any kind of carriage rail in the middle. It will be nice and open, and the wider width should give it tons of stability in that axis.