Today's Ah Ha moment

While I was printing the parts for the fix bot I was using my normal window tint instead of Kapton tape and a slurry of about 5% abs with acetone. 

I was running low on slurry, and I added acetone but forgot to add more abs. I also had to resurface my bed with new tint. What happened next was interesting. After heating up the bed I poured some of the slurry on the tint and it made a super fine layer on the tint. I went ahead and printed my part and made a note to add abs to the slurry. 

Well the print finished and it had no warping like I expected, but when I pulled the part off the tint I was very surprised that almost all the slurry came off in a single sheet. I was able to peel all the slurry off and have a pristine surface again!  

In the case of the slurry, it seems like less is better. I'm right now printing with 3 oz of acetone and a 8 inch piece of abs melted in it, and that seems to be just about perfect. I also don't need to use any rag to spread the slurry like when it was thicker.