Fixbot build :)

This weekend I finally got the last of the parts I needed to build my FixBot.  I did decide to make a minor change, mine won't have any Sugru.

I printed the parts and in the process decided that instead of the 'finger' that it comes with normally it needed a gripper :)  After a quick search on Thingiverse I found an appropriate gripper to use.

After printing it and assembling it I found a few things I wanted to change.  The first is the servo tray is too small to fit the servo I have.  So I ended up scaling it a little bit larger to fit my servo.  The other thing was that the gripper arms are in two pieces because they originally were made to be cut on a laser cutter or CNC.  A quick bit of work in OpenScad and now the gripper is double height and a single piece.

I'll be printing the new gripper tonight, and doing some assembly tomorrow night and hopefully have it up and running.

FixBot Frame with Servos

Gripper Hand Small Version