Testing different slicing software

Well after reading a post about a problem that's occurring with Slic3r 9.2 creating some random banding in certain situations. Sound is right on top of it and is testing the patch already, but in the mean time I decided to see what else is available and how well they work. 

I've chosen Slic3r 8.2 (which is one of the best versions even though it doesn't have support working), Slic3r 9.2, KISSlicer, and Cura. I've chosen a model of an owl that I like because it has a lot of variation from square at the bottom to a very small point at the very end with the ears and a lot of complex shapes going up. 

I sliced the model with the same settings with each program and I'm printing them with the same printer, filament to provide a consistent test between the slicers. 

I should finish the prints tomorrow, and then I'll be taking some photos of the different areas that show differences between all the programs.