Back again

Well after some changes in the things I've been working on I'm back to posting here.

Quick summary of what's been happening since I finished my Prusa:

1. Tweaked and got it running really good

2. Did some modifications with the Z-axis, and the Y-bed to make it run smoother and heat faster

3. Switched to Borosilicate glass with Window tint on it.  PLA prints directly on the window tint and for ABS I'm running slurry which works really good, sometimes too good.

4. Purchased a Ramps set and a control panel to upgrade the prusa.

5. Built a new Mendel Max machine, first with the default Y-axis, and recently upgraded it to use MakerSlide, more details to follow.

6. Z-axis on the Prusa has died, so it's waiting for the Ramps upgrade now instead of troubleshooting the Sanguinololu.

7. Just upgraded the hot end on the Mendel Max to a new J-Head Mark VB and I'm extremely pleased with it's performance.  I also went ahead and moved back to a .5 nozzle because I really didn't need the .35, and it was tougher to maintain and run.

8. Got most of the parts for a laser cutter, which is going to be my next project.  But I am going to do two things before I work on the laser cutter.  First I need to setup my workspace at my house in my old computer room, the second is I want to get my CJ-5 running again, I really miss it :)

I've started to experiment with some timelapse videos which you can view on my YouTube channel.  I'm enjoying the videos so much I'll be using another webcam that allows an external trigger and hook it up to the arduino and use the M243 command to trigger a capture at each layer change.  That should make for some much more interesting and consistent time lapses.

I also have purchased the components needed for Wildseyed's hot end and may experiment some with that.