Almost there :)

I've been working on the Bumblebee, but some things required me attention elsewhere.  One of those things was the awesome Halloween party that my buddy John Warner throws for his daughter each year.  He always has haunted woods, but this year we did something extra.  We scared them while they were watching the movie The Fog, we cut the power to the house, then five of us dressed in all black walked up to the windows and tried to get in the house.  Much screaming occurred, and a great time was had by all :)  I also went to the Halloween party at work, and it was so great watching all the kids dressed up playing together.  All in all a great Halloween.

I got back to working on the Jeep last weekend, and did the big job that I knew was going to be tough, replacing the bent springs.  It took me about 4 hours to remove the old one, and then another 2 hours to install it.  The one that wasn't bent took less than an hour to replace, and I finally got that all done.  I then took it for a quick spin around the court where my house is :)

I fixed a leaky wheel cylinder tonight after I got off work early, and tomorrow it's time to finish up the last tasks and get it on the road!  My brother will come by after he gets off work to help me bleed the brakes, then I should be ready to go!!!!