Great progress on the Jeep

Well I made a lot of progress on the Jeep today.  I was able to clean up the mounting area for the new fender, and fitted and welded it in place.  I didn't realize how tweaked the whole body is, it's about 1" out of square but I'm not too worried about it for now.  The purpose right now is to get it back on the road and drivable until the spring when I'll have the new tub, and other upgrades to put in.  It will be warm enough to ride the motorcycle full time, and I'll have the garage to do the prep and paint work for the tub.

One minor issue, well maybe not so minor.  I finally have the engine adjusted and running well enough to start even this morning when it was cold out.  I was letting it idle this afternoon to get nice and warm and I noticed I need a new valve cover gasket which is not that big a deal, but also the return lines are leaking gas onto the ground which can be kind of bad.  I discovered it after I had everything shut off and I was welding the corner and all of a sudden I felt a wave of heat.  The entire underside was burning where the gas had evaporated, but enough had soaked into the concrete to keep a nice size flame going.  This is why I always have a fire extenguisher around when welding and cutting.  But by the time I threw the helmet down, turned around and pulled the pin on the extinguisher, the flames had already died down.

That did give me a nice little scare though.  Apparently in the wreck something got cut or sliced, as those lines run on the side that got hit.  So I'll need to drop the tank this week, and I also need to check the fuel sending unit as it's apparently either got a loose wire, or it got banged in the wreck as well.  So two birds with one stone.

I'm hoping to have it driving by next week, need to call the DMV this week and find out what documentation I need to get the title issued for it.  I definitely have all the pictures of the fixes, and I've kept all my receipts as well so hopefully that will be all I need.