Jeep back on the road soon

Well, the cherokee has finally broken down I think for the last time.  At least the last time for me.  It's got over 300k miles on it, and it's been a wonderful vehicle, but it's time to get the Bumblebee back on the road again.  I've been slowly ordering the parts to just get it street worthy again, and over the winter I'm going to save up for the fiberglass tub, propane conversion and a few other things as I can afford them.

The last parts I need to get it back on the street shipped yesterday and I should have them next week, and I'm anticipating next weekend having it on the road again :)

This past week I went over the engine and carb and got it running again, replaced the fuel pump with an electric one (that I will need to move closer to the fuel tank), and cut out all the damaged pieces from the wreck.

Today I'm going to repair all the fender/floor damage with new sheet metal and a rear fender repair panel and get everything cleaned up on the body and primed.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be ready to rattle can it, and then swap out the springs with new ones.

All that should be left is installing the seat, new seatbelts and remounting the roll bars, bikini top and windjammer.

Here's the photo's of the repairs as they progress.