Rechecking the frame

I went ahead and cut a jig so I can verify the alignment of the frame.  I thought I had gotten it close enough, but the jig shows that it is still off by a little bit.  The better the alignment is now the fewer problems I'll have down the road.  I know this from the Bluumax CNC.  The Bluumax was made to be very adjustable, but the Prusa is not that much different.

I tried to put together my hot end last night, got as far as test fitting the power resistor.  I then pulled out the fire cement, and apparently the bag is not airtight because it had completely set up.  So a quick search on Amazon and some new fire cement is on it's way. 

The new x-carriage is ready, Neil printed it up for me, and now all I have left to get printed is the z-axis stabilizers which Neil is working on.  So by Wednesday I should have everything in terms of parts and ready to start assembling everything again.

I can almost smell the plastic already......