Mechanical is almost finished

Ive made some good progress lately After having a minor issue (cough i melted my Arcol hot end) I ordered a new hot end from MakerGear Ii REALLY like it because it has very few pieces, is very modular and uses ceramic instead of fire cement which is easier to work with.
I got the hot end assembled, now I need to mount it on my extruder,
and put the extruder on the x Carriage and install the belts for the x
carriage. That will complete the mechanical on the hippie.

Tonight I brought in my Laptop and Sanguinololu into FabLocker and got my software
toolchain working, was able to get Pronterface up and connected to
Sanguinololu with David's help with Python. (Thanks David)

Going to work on hooking everything up this week, so I'm shooting for
being able to start calibration and test runs next week.

And yes, I have plenty of plastic and PLA, I've got 3 lbs of ABS and 1
lb of PLA. Mmmm, that isn't much now that I think about it, might
order some more this week.