New Toys :)

Well Macsales had a garage sale again this weekend (basically it's an excuse to get rid of excess inventory, or just have a sale) and they had a deal on the 120gb SSD with the optical bay kit.

I've been thinking about getting an SSD for my Mac Pro, and also for my MacBook and decided to go ahead and get it.

It arrived this afternoon, and as usual the packaging was top notch along with the very nice detailed instructions on how to disassemble my Mac Book (along with quite a few other laptops from Apple, about 25 I saw) and had everything swapped out in short order.

A quick session with Carbon Copy Cloner and then I ran some seat of the pants tests timing various tasks on the laptop before I switched to the SSD and ran the tests again.  Here's a quick run down of what happened. (this is a two year old MacBook unibody aluminum).

Task Hard Drive Time SSD Time

Cold Boot 54 Seconds   39 Seconds
Login 11 Seconds   5.7 Seconds
Virtual Box Program 14 Seconds   2.2 Seconds
Startup VM 3:04   1:26
Equinox 6 (astronomy) 14 Seconds   4 Seconds
Safari 1.7 Seconds   Instant (couldn't time it)

So overall I'm extremely happy with the SSD, and I'm looking forward to getting one installed on my Mac Pro as well.