First day in San Juan

Wow, this has been a LONG day. I slept on the first flight, then watched a movie on the final flight to San Juan.

The apartment senate renting is really nice, and the neighborhood is awesome, such a wide variety of architecture. The apartment owner and her cousin spent about 2 hours walking us around and showing us where everything is, and the best restaurants and bars. One unusual ting is the big party night is Wednesday instead of the weekend. We're looking forward to tomorrow night a lot :)

She also told us about a cool nat ire preserve where you can go for a tour and visit the area culminating in a chance to swim where the algae lights up all around you as you swim. Definitely going to be a must do.

Tomorrow we're going to probably go to Old San Juan and start making sone plans and reservations on what we'll be doing next. I'm also going to be doing be touristy thing and start taking pictures.