Astronomy Night

Last night I spent some time startgazing since it was such a great night for it. Last time I had taken a few pictures of the moon using what's called the afocal method. Basically holding the camera over the eyepiece of the telescope and snapping pictures.

Tonight I had a new accessory I had machined on my CNC to holed the camera for me. It worked quite well and when I figured it to use the self timer to let the vibrations fade before the picture is taken I got some great shots.

I then decided to try and take a few pictures of some stars and constellations. Turns it the star I picked was not a star but a planet! At first I thought it was Saturn with the rings edge on, but when I looked at my star chart I realized it was actually Jupiter. I also was able to see two of it's moons, but I have no idea which ones they were :)

The pictures were fairly dim, but I know I'm going to try new mode on my camera I discovered. It basically takes pictures one after the other for about 30 seconds then merges them all into one enhanced picture. I also realized i had the Asa set to 400 instead of 100. I'll be able to give it a try again tonight at the FAS observation at Sci Works.