Target Shooting

Recently when I was at the Calibers shooting range I so a one page notice about Bullseye Target shooting being held every Thursday evening from 7-8pm.  I have a fairly nice .22 that I got from my Brother as a birthday present (actually it was my first gun, and still my favorite) a Buckmark Sillohuette, so I figured this would be a chance to shoot it more.

I showed up not really knowing what to expect in terms of what it would be like, except knowing they had three formats.  Slow fire which is 10 rounds over 10 minutes, timed fire which is two sets of 5 rounds over 20 seconds, and rapid fire which is two sets of 5 rounds over 10 seconds.

Of course the 10 minute round rarely lasted more than 5 minutes.  That's just an unbelievably long time to shoot 10 rounds.  I did fairly well, slowly improving with each round.

The timed fire was my favorite I think, you have 4 seconds for each shot which seemed to fit my shooting style quite well.  I was usually shooting my last round close to the end of the 20 seconds and had some really good targets.

The rapid fire was interesting, I had two misfires which really threw me for a loop, but I still did pretty good.

So after about 100 rounds I ended up shooting a total of about 743 out of 900, which considering it was the first time I've done target shooting with open sites at 25 yards I'm very happy with.

Now I need to figure out how to convince my brother to come with me next time :)