AT&T death star

Well, up until now I've not had a huge complaint with AT&T, my cell phoneservice has been good, I've not experienced dropped calls or issues otherpeople have reported. My data service with 3G has been good for the mostpart, occasionally it bogs down. But for the price and unlimited data I wassatisfied.

Well this morning after reading the article about the price changes for boththe iPhone and iPad data plans I'm highly disappointed. Mostly with Applefor allowing AT&T to pretty much kill the usefulness of both my iPhone andthe 3G iPad I had been considering.

Now it's true I was going to cancel the iPhone because the cost is just abit too high compared to using a 3G iPad with a prepaid phone. I don't usethe minutes I have right now (which is the minimum I can get), so the 3GiPad for $30 and a prepaid phone seemed to fit me much better.

With the new rates AT&T announced today, if I had gone with the iPad my datawas going to be $65 per month (and that's conservative considering that Iwould use the iPad more than my iPhone because it's more convenient). Sonix the plans to get an iPad, without the unlimited data I can't justify thecost. Now if the data speed was more consistent, I might be worthwhile, butthe current state of AT&T's 3G network is poor at best. I'm fortunate innot living in a larger city where it's even worse. When I took a trip toLas Vegas my data connections were terrible, and I pretty much had to relyon WiFi hot spots.

As for the new iPhone 4G, there is absolutely no way I'll be upgrading now,the plan I am on now is tolerable, but paying so much for the data plan tome totally nullifies any benefit in an upgrade.

And of course when my contract expires AT&T will be switching me to the payas you go data plan, and I'll probably be cancelling my service with themand just going for the cheapest pay as you go plan and just go back to usingmy iPad and iPhone on WiFi.

AT&T is going to handily destroy one of the best products for connectivitythat has come out recently. When is someone going to make Internetconnectivity ubiquitous?