Bank of America is awesome!

I've really enjoyed banking with them since I switched to them last year. I decided to go with them because they seemed to be the most technically savvy bank I looked at.

After a years experience with them, I have to say I'm very pleased. They've continued to add features to their website that actually adds value to my online banking experience. After experiencing some fraud a few years ago, I also really appreciate the alerts I can set up on my account to watch for transactions over certain amounts.

Tonight I was paying a bunch of bills, then buying some tickets to a hockey game in March. I was pleasantly surprised to see that BOA was noticing the unusual pattern of charges and put a hold on my account until I could verify them. Usually I pay my bills over the entire month, but I had some surplus this month so I paid all of them early tonight.

It was a very simple but secure process to verify I made the charges, and to lift the temporary restriction. This really gives me a lot of peace of mind after having close to $15,000 in charges made on another account before I found out and called the bank to stop the charges.

I highly recommend Bank of America!