Of Blogs, Moss 2007 and Word 2007

I had a help desk ticket this morning that was very interesting.

A user has been having trouble with editing their posts on a Sharepoint 2007 blog using the Office integration with Word 2007. We looked at all the permissions on all the various lists and libraries and this user had full access. We tried clearing out the local cache, accessing other blogs which worked fine, tried it with my account, and still got the same issue. You could see all the posts in the selection dialog, but when you clicked ‘Open’ nothing would happen.

I noticed that the blog didn’t have a picture library, so I tried changing the account registration for this blog to indicate that there was no picture library.

Still didn’t work.

So instead of trying to turn it off, I looked at another blog site and re-created the ‘Photos’ library in the blog and VIOLA, everything started working.

Apparently there is an issue with the Office integration and the account registration such that even if you tell Office that there is no picture library, it’s still trying to find one and is not happy if it can’t.