The End is Near….

Well, at least as far as the SharePoint 2009 conference is concerned. I have to say that the conference has been a great experience. With the exception of just 2 of the sessions I attended, there has been awesome information presented and demonstrated. Now it's just a matter of being patient until we can start using it J

Just getting settled in for the first session of the day after breakfast, and today is going to be a LONG one. We have 3 sessions with no breaks in between running until lunch which is at 1:15 today. It's an evil plan that got us used to lunch at 11:45, now they bump it up on the last day!!!

Won't even go into trying to get sugar free stuff for meals, that was a separate adventure of its own. I do have a few questions I want to get answered in the first session, which is PowerShell and SharePoint Administration.