Between sessions

Just waiting for our next session to start in about 10 minutes, and so far I have to say I've really enjoyed the conference. At first I was concerned about exactly which sessions I was going to see, but then I saw how the videos were being done, so I'll be able to watch the entire conference later. The only thing I'd really miss would be the Q&A at the end. But with it being a beta still and the amount of information I'm already gathering it's not too much of an issue.

It's a little bit funny to walk the halls between sessions and see these clumps of geeks camped out at every single power outlet, and the others are wandering aimlessly looking at their PDA's and phones. I can definitely notice a drop off in my bandwidth on my iPhone while I've been at the conference. Even though I've got a great 3G signal, there's just not enough bandwidth with 7400+ geeks, of which probably 50% have iPhones and are using them CONSTANTLY for tweeting, blogging etc.

I've enjoyed the blogging features of Word, being able to take notes with the Wi-Fi off and then uploading it when they are ready is awesome.