SharePoint 2009 Development Tools

You can now develop on Windows 7 or Vista SP1, no server requirement anymore. But it must be 64 bit. (I sense a pattern in all the demonstrations that are being run on Windows 7)

SharePoint must still be installed locally

Visual Studio 2010

  • Templates for more SharePoint items
  • Sandboxed solutions supported by a wizard and property selection
  • Lots of new designers built in
  • Workflow enhancements – Site level workflow and Initiation pages
  • There is a template for importing projects from SharePoint designer as well

Sandboxing a solution is easy to change back and forth, it just changes where it's being deployed and what CAS is being applied.

There is an empty element template for creating a project for a SharePoint item that doesn't have a template, it will still create the package and deploy it to SharePoint.

Workflows has a new item called 'LogToHistoryList' action, that sounds awesome that it's coming out of the box with this now.

New deployment conflict resolution allows you to control the cleanup of deployments, and it's customizable.

New wizards for creating events, VERY VERY NICE, no more digging for the proper template for an event or finding what kind of event your coding for.

BCS has an awesome designer, similar to what's in SharePoint Designer. No more having to hand code anything in the ADF. It also supports adding code behind for data aggregation and massaging.

SharePoint designer allows exporting to a WSP, then you can import it into VS2010 and choose which elements you want to include in the new project, including workflows.

Server Explorer now supports SharePoint 2010 servers, with full navigation and display of properties.

There is a feature package designer which is very nice and intuitive. The same for the Packaging explorer, makes it much easier to modify/maintain features and packages.

Each project in a solution gets one package.

There can be multiple features in a project.

Mapped folders are relative to the SharePoint root, the defaults are images and layouts but you can navigate to any of the folders in the SharePoint root and map them to your project.

You can merge customized XML into the Manifest without having to jump through hoops.

Feature properties have their own wizards for creation and modification.

There is a new wizard for adding Safe Control entries.

Support for adding other items using an Element.xml file within the property pages.