Sharepoint 2009 Conference

Well, we had an uneventful trip here to Las Vegas, and got checked in to the hotel after wandering like mice in a maze. We then headed over to the conference to get registered and pick up some SWAG J

The registration line was pretty long, but it moved quickly and we got some pretty nice books detailing information about Sharepoint 2010. The vendor area was open so we went in and started wandering around and seeing who was here. I got to see Ted Pattison and his new company with Andrew Connell. I tried to get a picture with him, but he was in a pretty deep discussion with someone, so I figured I'll try later. Then went by the Mindsharp booth and talked with Todd Bleaker. It was great to see him again, and I'm amazed that after 5 years he still remembered me. He told us about his new class for 2010, and how it's going to be more focused on hands on labs rather than lectures. He upped the number of labs from around 12 up to 23, and he'll be covering all the basics with code you can take back as starting blocks for Sharepoint 2010.

I'm really looking forward to the conference and finding out more about Sharepoint 2010.