Apples Event

After seeing all the photos of the new nano (well, the 2 or 3 photos) and listening to Cali Lewis on this morning, I'm not convinced that it's real. The biggest thing, and what Cali pointed out, how terrible a curved screen would be in terms of reflections when watching videos.

I would LOVE it if this photo was a total red herring that Apple distributed to stop the hounds from hunting for what's coming out. In a way it makes a lot of sense, why keep digging for photos and info on a new device if it's already been dug up? I could be wrong, but I hope not. I remember when an Apple event was a huge surprise, and watching breathelessly as each new item was unveiled, sometimes each new feature.

I can't help but remember what was discussed during the conference call, about something new coming out, and that everyone has been under the umbrella Apple had created and they would have to cut margins.

Well, a few hours and we'll know what's coming. I really hope that they have the 2.1 patch for the 3G iPhone. I'm almost to the point where I am looking at how possible it would be to switch back to my original iPhone till they get more of the bugs worked out. I'm not sure how much of it is the new 3G model, and how much is the new software.