PART Express

Well, I finally decided to give the PART express bus a try.

In the past I've not been able to use it, because of the schedules. I was going to have to leave at 6:30 from my house, and I wouldn't get to work until 9. That was just a little too much to be able to do every day. Not to mention how late I would get home.

Now that we've moved to Downtown, leaving at 6:40 from Oak Hollow Mall, I get to Downtown Winston at 7:30. From there it's a short (1/4 mile) walk to work, and I've been getting to my desk at around 7:45.

It's nice to get in a little early in the morning, it gives me time to get settled in. Leaving in the morning forces me to be ready on time, which is another good thing. The ride in is very relaxing, not having to worry about traffic, and even being able to catch a nap if I want to is very nice.

The money I'm saving is pretty good too. I calculated that after I figure up how much gas I won't be spending, and including the cost for a monthly bus pass, I'm saving anywhere from $100-$150 per month.

If you work in the Triad area you can check the schedules at PART's website.