iPhone 2.1 Update follow up

Well it's still running quite well, about the only thing that's not working although it has improved is the application installation and updating.

I still get apps that I cannot update (I get an error message in iTunes when I sync), and now it looks like apps that I've purchased on the iPhone aren't making it back to iTunes.

It's not to hard to fix, I just delete whatever app is causing problems, and then re-download it for free. They really got that right, and it's worked very well knowing what apps I've already purchased and I can just download them for free so it's not really hard to work around it.

I've definitely noticed two things, my 3G signal is noticeably stronger in places where it was weak before. My battery life has definitely improved quite a bit.

I need to get going on a couple of things, one of them is learning the iPhone SDK.