The weekend is over, and iPhone 2.1 update rocks

Well, had a pretty good weekend. Got to go riding with a good friend on Saturday, and aside from the financial news yesterday and this morning this week is starting out pretty good (I work in the Mortgage Insurance Industry, the AIG news is a concern)

The iPhone update has been on my phone since about 6pm on Friday, and I've been using it quite a bit. I wanted to wait until I got to work to test the 3G connectivity, I could connect at my desk, but it was barely a single bar. Today I'm happy to say I have minimum 2 bars, and usually 3 or more bars.

The other fixes have worked great, no need to reboot at all since I patched on Friday, and they also fixed the security issue with the Emergency Call and double home button press. No crashes, no problems with calls (but I really didn't notice any problems before). I did have to delete two apps that had pending 'updates' that didn't exist, but after I did that syncing is LIGHTNING fast, yes Lightning. Under 30 seconds usually.

Overall I'm very happy once again, the world is right :)