Apple Event Part 2

Well, my hope that the leaked photos and information about the new iPod Nano were false was wrong. I love the new colors, the shape seems kind of wierd to me but I haven't held one yet.

iTunes 8 is awesome, I love the new grid view, and the Genius works quite well for me. I did notice like a few other people have that you need to sometimes let the Genius 'think' about an obscure song or artist before it'll provide suggestions.

The new in-ear headphones from Apple at first got me VERY excited, that is until I looked on the Apple store and found first that they aren't shipping yet, second they ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with the iPhone!!!!

WTF???? It works on the Touch, but not the iPhone, I mean it even has the remote control the iPhone needs. I'm hoping this is just an oversight on Apples part and that they really will work with the iPhone. If not it's a total screw up in my opinion to make them without being compatible with the iPhone.

So when's the next Apple event?..........