What a week

Well, I've had a VERY rough week this week.

First thing on Monday, as I was pulling away from my house my radiator broke. So I've been trying to arrange to either fix it myself, or have a mechanic do it. I decided that a mechanic was the best way to go this time, basically because I didn't want to mess with it.

My new project at work started a new 'sprint' on Monday, and we are trying some new processes. Unfortunately it wasn't as smooth as we would've liked at first, so it put use behind on the project right off the start.

The end of the week has finished up well. I got my car fixed and back (it's amazing how we don't realize how dependant we are on our cars until we don't have one), the project has smoothed out and we're pretty much caught up now, and I went to the last baseball game at Ernie Shore Field last night with my brother. (Pictures are up on flickr).

Now for the weekend.....