New version of Things

Things is a program written by Cultured Code that allows you to keep track of tasks with an eye towards the GTD method.

I've been using the Desktop version for a few months now, and was excited when they released the iPhone version. The only thing that had been missing was sync functionality between the desktop and iPhone.

They released 1.1 of the iPhone version to Apple last week, and it showed up on the App store this morning. After a frantic download and install, I tried to configure the sync between my desktop and my iPhone, but alas, my iPhone wasn't visible. WAIT, what's this, both my desktop and my iPhone must be on wireless before I attempt to configure.

More frantic configuration changes to both my desktop and iPhone, both on the same wireless network, but still no appearance of my iPhone in the Things Desktop sync configuration.

Time to hit their forums and see if anyone else has seen this, or possible fixes for it. I can't WAIT to get this working, it will really make things much easier for me.