Day 3 of my new iPhone 3g

I still love the new phone, there was some glitches with MobileMe on Friday and Saturday (first my calendar, contacts, and bookmarks would get wiped but I was getting mail, then it reversed) but as of this afternoon everything seems to be chugging along.

New impressions about the phone.

I love the new display, it's definitely brighter and I like it much better than my old one.
MobileMe is going to be awesome, once I figure out how to get my work calendar items onto it!
The speakers are MUCH better, I can play things and you can hear it without having to hold up to your ear.
Haven't had any comments about call quality, I always thought it was pretty good already.
The 3G speed is AWESOME, I'm consistently getting 1mb download speeds, lowest I've seen it was 600kb using DSLReports speed test for iPhone.
Battery life seems the same so far, I've been playing extensively with the games and safari and it seems to last just as long.

Negative things
It seems like since I've enabled push the first time the keyboard comes up on any app there's a long delay before I can type, and in some cases it's almost like it locks up for about 10-30 seconds when first launching. If I remember correctly, the first iPhone had a similiar issue.

All in all I think this experience was better than the first iPhone purchase, and I'm looking forward to a lot of use out of it, just like my first iPhone!!