iPhone 3G first impressions

Well, I got my new iPhone 3G, after waiting in line at the Apple Store at Southpoint Mall in Durham. I have to say I'm very glad I did it, it was a lot of fun and thanks to Jamar (the door guard) and Shavar for making something that could've been depressing a lot of fun. Even though there were lots of issues, they were very upbeat and kept on plugging away. Also all the employees there were really positive and helpful, I was very impressed.

The phone is AWESOME, I'm getting average about 900kb download speeds and the GPS is amazing how fast it connects and refreshes. For a GPS built into a phone I'm very impressed on how accurate it is.

The app store is EVIL I tell you, I've bought about $30 worth of apps already, and tons of free ones and for the most part the quality is excellent. The games will knock your socks off.

I also got my confirmation for the iPhone developer program, so I'll need to start my studying in ernest because there's an application I want to write for the iPhone ASAP.