Getting Things Done

I had gotten my brother the book by David Allen called 'Getting Things Done' about how to be productive while being stress free at the same time.

I had been running across this before, but had never really looked into it in detail until a few weeks ago. I had read an article on Lifehacker about how to have a Zero Inbox and after implementing that I was so impressed I decided to do some more research on the whole GTD process.

I purchased the book and in the course of 3 weeks read it. It makes a lot of sense when you read it, and I'm going to be giving it a solid try to see if I can do it. It basically requires some discipline around how you manage your tasks. This coming weekend will be my 'Purge and Clean' to get everything started, so we'll see how it goes.

The really ironic thing is my brother hasn't had time to read it yet.......