New 13" Aluminum MacBook

Well, I finally got one of the new MacBooks, and I have to say after almost a week of using it I'm really enjoying it.

I was concerned at first about my plans of using this as my only computer. I had been oscilating between the MacBook and MacBook Pro and ended up selecting the $1599 Macbook for a few reasons.

1. The pro does have 2 video cards, but the management of them is clunky having to logout and back in to activate/deactivate them. The biggest thing is they do not support SLI which is a HUGE dissappointment and disadvantage to me.
2. The benchmarks for the MacBook compared to my current iMac were approximately 10-20% faster.
3. I already had a laptop with a glossy screen, so that didn't bother me. In fact I've come to prefer the glossy screen as it appears to be brighter and crisper. My work laptop also has a glossy screen.

I've been extremely pleased with it so far. I moved WoW over from my iMac and then brought them both up with the same character in the same area of the world. The iMac was running at 30 fps, while my MacBook was cranking out 60 fps!!!

I then set the graphics settings on 'high' on both, and the iMac dropped to 15-17 fps, while the MacBook was at 30-35 fps. I tried going to some major towns and still got about the same performance, so I'm really happy.

I've left it on high on my MacBook.

The one thing that's kind of frustrating is the new mini-display port, I'm going to the Apple store tonight to get the adapters, and my new 22" display.

The keyboard is definitely more 'solid' than the old one, not that I had any problems with the old one, but it's definitely got a 'cleaner' feel to it.

I'll update as I finish up migrating everything over to my new laptop, the biggest thing I need to figure out now is my storage strategy.