iPhone 2.2 update

There was a new update released for the iPhone last week, but there really wasn't a huge attraction to install it for me. Just some minor upgrades and tweaks, although one of the changes I REALLY like a lot.

In the past I would sync my podcasts up with my iPhone, and when I would go to play them they would always show the most recent first. So if I wanted to listen to the podcasts in order of oldest to newest to keep the thread of the podcast I would have to manually start and stop it and slowly work my way up the list.

Now podcasts are sorted oldest first, so I can just start a series of podcasts, and they will progress one by one without me having to manually manage the playback. Since I listen to them on the way to work, this makes it much easier, in not having to stop at the end of each episode so I can kick of the next one correctly.

What can I say, my expectations are low :)