New Macbooks

I really like the design of the new Macbooks, although there are a few things I don't like about them as well.

1. The Macbook no longer comes with a firewire port, to me that's going to keep me from getting one.
2. The Macbook video chip, while it is the new one from NVidia, still shares memory with the system. That is not made very clear and is only in the fine print. The big question is what kind of impact does this have? Time will tell, but that's another negative against the Macbook.
3. I love the dual video cards in the Macbook Pro's. Very nice to be able to select which one to use to maximize power savings.
4. Vagueness about whether the Macbook Pro's video cards can work in SLI, it's not obvious from the tech specs.
5. LED displays are good...
6. Environmentally friendly manufacturing and recycling is good.

I'll probably end up getting a Macbook Pro, once I've saved up a bit and I'll end up selling my current iMac and Macbook on eBay. I will then have gone from 7 Windows machines down to 1 Mac (well, I do have a G3 that I got for 100 bucks on eBay that I use as an alarm clock and streaming audio video to my bedroom, and will probably hook up my Personal Weather Station to).