Observations about Package Shipping

I'm constantly amazed at how a certain package shipping company can actually continue to exist. Seeing some of the things they do really is amazing to me.

About a month ago I placed an order with a company, this order was shipped in two seperate boxes and picked up by this company by the same truck at the exact same time.

You would expect that they would take the same route and arrive at the same time, logic would tell you that there is an efficient routing for a package going from point A to point B, especially if they start at the exact same time. But no, this company in it's infinite wisdom decided to send one package from MD to West Virginia, to NC and delivery. The other package instead went from MD to PA, to Ohio, to IL, to TN then to NC for delivery, 2 days later than the first package.

I thought maybe this was just a fluke, but I just ordered 4 new wheels for my jeep, and each wheel is going out in a seperate box due to their size and weight. Once again they all got picked up by the same truck, yet of the 4 packages, only 2 are taking similiar routes. One has ended up in Raleigh as of this morning, 2 are in Virginia, and one is still in Maryland. They are all noted as scheduled for delivery tomorrow.

It'll be interesting to see if they actually make it.....