About DRM

Well I read the post by Steve Job's this morning, and I have to say I learned a few things reading it.

I had no idea that the percentage of online music sales was so small, really puts things in perspective when you think of how much iTunes sells, and then compare that to overall CD sales.

I like how Steve gave three possible options on what's going to happen next, and of course of the three I definitely like the idea of trashing DRM. Although there have been attempts (can you say Sony Rootkit?) to lock down the CD market, even that only effects a small percentage that is played on a PC (or put into a PC in an attempt to rip the music onto a player, or another device).

I honestly hope this is taken seriously, and that not only the music industry consider it, but the rest of the entertainment industry as well. What would happen if DVD's were sold for $4.99 instead of $19.99? Would it be too much of a hassle to make a copy versus just buying the DVD from the store or online outlet? I know speaking for myself, I've not bought a CD in a while (roughly about the time I downloaded iTunes), yet I still purchase roughly the same amount of music. iTunes just made it incredibly easy and convenient for me to get what I wanted.

Here's hoping that this comes to pass, and we can concentrate on actually developing the products and how they are used, instead of putting up walls to try and isolate and 'protect' these works.