The 'Switch'

Well, after many years of using PC's and Windows, and occasional foray's into the world of Linux, I've made a switch.

Last week I changed over from my 3 PC's (A Server, Gaming machine, VM host) and my 2 laptop's (one big widescreen HP, and another more portable IBM X30) to a brand spanking new iMac.

At first it was a little bit of learning, just how to use the different shortcuts for the new really cool features of OS X, but now I'm back to having 30 gazillion windows open (yeah, I can hear Tammy cringing as I write this) and popping back and forth between admin, and limited user accounts.

My first impression when I got it at work were VERY positive, it came right up and recognized the wireless mouse and keyboard (I did have to scrounge for some batteries, thanks to Mark for helping out) and setting up my accounts, and the introduction were very good.

Things that I really like about the Mac:

1. Most of all like they say everything 'Just Works'. It's an extremely well thought out and refined OS, and it definitely makes you more productive.
2. The controls to spread out your windows makes it easy for guys like me who like to 'stress' test their machines by opening as many windows as possible at once. You can pop them all apart, then move the mouse to the one you want and POP there it is on top.
3. The bluetooth installation was FREAKY!!!! After fighting with the Windows version (never could do it on Linux) and how quirky it is, setting up my bluetooth devices (cell phone, PDA) was sooo painless. At first I thought it was broke, 'What? It only asked me to key in a PIN, how can it be done????', it's extremely refreshing to be able to go spend time on productive tasks instead of fighting with bluetooth!!
4. Software installations are EASY, both installing and removing them. I'm able to try several versions of a program without having to worry about conflicts, not just with the same type of programs, but anything on my system.
5. Parrallels on the Mac is FAST, I mean SCREAMING fast compared to the PC, even to VMWare on the PC. This was a big but pleasant surprise, in fact I'm even using a beta version and it's running very smoothly.
6. Animations are awesome. Switching between accounts, or full screen and windowed mode on Parrallels just looks COOL. I'll have to take a video and post it.

I'm sure I'll be expanding on this list as the days go by, but I have to say I'm glad that I've finally switched over.