Code Update

Releases for the Barometer and Moisture sensor

The code for the Barometer and Moisture sensor has been released on GitHub.

I'll finish the RTC code, the UV Sensor and the light sensor.

The communications between the Arduino and the Raspberry PI at first we will test with another Arduino as I have that code already debugged and working, and I'll add that to the weather station.

Then we will be working on the Raspberry PI section of the code which should not require any changes to the Arduino code.

Saturday I'm hoping to get all the Arduino code loaded and working, and then start discussing the Raspberry PI and go through the initial setup of a Raspberry PI.  The final version of the software for the Raspberry PI will be available in a package you can download and just flash onto an SD card without having to make any code changes so it'll be easy to deploy.  The advantage of doing it like this is you'll always have a way to restore the Raspberry PI to the default setup that works with the weather station so you can experiment and if something gets messed up you can just restore it from the package and it will start working again.

First release of the weather station code

The first version of the newly refactored code we'll be working with next weekend has been updated on Github.  

This is the new format we'll be coding in, and it includes the code for the temperature sensor.  

I'll be working on the code for the other modules that will build on this and posting it to Github as I complete them.

I also have a surprise for everyone for the class next weekend, but you have to be there to receive it :)