Last Class

We had a great class, aside from the people who were out sick, but we worked on the communication from the weather station to the inside console.  I had some problems getting the radios to work in the weather station software and I'm working on getting that fixed now.  We did go through doing the Raspberry PI initial install (and finally got Van's display working) and discussed the anemometer.

I'll be redesigning the one we decided on to make it a little more weather friendly, and then I'll be printing them for the next class.  The other parts I all have except for the hall sensors which are about $6 a piece, and I'll order a bunch and everyone that wants one can pay me at the next class.

I'm hoping to have the fixed software for the NRF24 radios integrated into the weather station code and working by the end of next week and then I'll publish it on the github repository.  Those of you who are familiar with GIT and would like to contribute to the code just request access and I'll grant it for you.

I'll also schedule the next class next week, and right now I am shooting for the first or second Saturday in March.