Class Saturday

Well we are all set for our class for Saturday.

In working on getting the Raspberry PI working with the NRF2401 I ran into some issues, so instead of connecting directly to the weather station like I originally planned instead we'll use the second Arduino that we were going to originally use with the LCD as a bridge to the Raspberry PI.  The Arduino inside will have the NRF2401 module and will talk with the weather station which I've already proven out, and then it will talk over serial to the Raspberry PI.   We will need logic level shifters to convert the 5v on the Arduino to the 3v GPIO pins on the Raspberry PI and I have 15 of them we can use.

I've also found a nice case we can print for the Raspberry PI, and then we can start designing the case for the external weather station, and I also have picked out an Anemometer that we can print and build for our weather station.  I haven't found a tipping rain gauge I like yet, so I'll keep searching or we may have to design one ourselves.

We will meet at 9 am at my work, 635 Vine Street in Winston Salem, and if anyone arrives late just give me a call at 336-289-9262 and I'll come up or send someone to let you in.  Again you can park in front of the building, there should be enough spaces there, and we'll order pizza again from Burke street if everyone is good with that, or as an alternative we can order subway which is right up on 4th street if someone is willing to run out and pick it up.

Rough itinerary for Saturday:

  • Test the NRF24 on our Arduinos and make sure they are all working
  • Setup everyones Raspberry PI
  • Setup the second Arduino that will talk to our weather station, and we'll set up unique ID's for everyone so we can all test at the same time.
  • Setup the Arduino to Raspberry PI connection.
  • Discuss the next steps for the cases, anemometer and rain gauge.

Looking forward to seeing everyone Saturday!!!