Awesome class

Thanks to everyone who came to the refresher class.  I'm sorry we couldn't cover more, but that was part of the reason I wanted to hold this class.  I needed to get my feet wet again and get comfortable after not doing much with the Arduino's.

I'll be working on the updated parts list and I should have it up by Monday so everyone can get their parts together and make sure they are ready for the class in October.  I'll be including the new light sensor I've picked out, just need to make sure it's still available, and also all the Raspberry PI components we need.  

One point you don't need the latest and greatest Raspberry Pi to use for the weather station, the A, or any of the B models will work just fine so don't feel like you need the latest and greatest for this project. 

Thanks again for everyone who came out, you're enthusiasm and questions were awesome and it all makes it so worth while to me.  

Also thank you to David Mounts and Inmar for lunch and letting us hold the class here at Inmar, it was a very relaxed and nice atmosphere.