Update on class

Ok, I know it's been a long time coming but it's time to start up the class on the weather station again.

I pulled out my circuit board and it's been the victim of scavenging for other projects.  Considering this and that I want to make a change to the light sensor (I have enough for everyone, it'll just be an even swap for the sensor you have now) and how I'm distributing the code for the project (we'll start using GitHub) we'll be changing tactics a little.  

I think the best thing is for me to rebuild my station to the point where we were before and document it along the way as I write the software for each sensor.  By using GitHub you'll be able to see what's been added and follow along, and use what you want to use of the project.  This will be helpful in our future projects.

This will also allow me to be caught up ahead of the class so we aren't doing as much scrambling on the Saturday and instead answering questions and troubleshooting any issues we find.

So to start with for those of you who are familiar with GitHub you can join the repository at https://github.com/NCBob/ArduinoClass.  I've got the code for the DDSVFO posted there, and the last version of the weather station, but when I start the rebuild this will be changing back so the software will be updated as I add each sensor.

For those of you who the last paragraph was Greek do not despair, when we schedule the next class (once I get my board rebuilt and all the code documented) first thing we will do is go over what GitHub is and how to use it.

I've also been struggling with an editor to user for Arduino, as the default environment does not make me very happy.  I recently downloaded the Visual Studio Code Editor and installed the Arduino extension and I REALLY like it.  It's open source, and supported across Windows, Mac and Linux.

I'll be updating as I work on the documentation on the class and once I feel comfortable on when I'll have it done we'll post the next class date.

Thanks for everyone's patience and we'll be chugging ahead full speed again soon.