Weather Station class this Saturday and Class for August

I've got all the parts kits together for what parts I've received, I'm still waiting for the last parts to arrive, and right now it looks like we will be short 3 UV sensors.  They will be here next week.


On Saturday we will be building the weather station which will have all the sensors, and a console using another arduino that will talk wirelessly to it.  I would like to propose that for next months class we replace the console that displays the weather information with a Raspberry PI and use the same wireless board to talk to the weather station.


This will give you a lot of flexibility with what you do with the weather data.  I am going to be uploading mine to WeatherUnderground and the Citizens Weather Observation Program.  I am also going to make a web page I can pull up to view the weather and eventually log the weather data so I can view graphs.  Of course this is why I want to use the Raspberry PI as it has enough horsepower to do this things, and makes it much simpler than trying to do it with an Arduino.


You can get the Raspberry PI 2 board for $35.00 from  The only other things you'll need is a power supply, and a SD card.  Any micro-usb wall charger that can provide at least 1 amp will work.  If you want to connect it to your network wirelessly you'll need a wifi dongle as well, otherwise you can connect it directly to your network using a ethernet cable.


On Saturday I'll get a vote on how many people would be interested in doing this for the weather station, and we'll proceed from there.


Either after the next class, or if there's not enough interest in doing the Raspberry PI console then the next class we will build a weather vane and anemometer for the weather station and add that to it as well.


Here's the list of people for Saturdays class everyone has requested a parts kit.  I believe I have everyone here, if not please let me know asap.


  • Ray Purdom
  • Dale Mierisch
  • Don Edwards
  • David Shoaf KC4X
  • Jim Register
  • Geoff Rudy - Paid
  • Caver Dave
  • Van Key Paid
  • Subhash Gedam
  • Gene Bowman
  • Steve WA3RTC
  • Harold NRHER
  • BIll KK4ZIU
  • Bill