Next Arduino Class

We have the date and location for the next class, it'll be on Saturday 6/20 from 9 until 4 at the Red Cross building and we will be building the basic weather station. 

I have the prototype built, and it will have a UV intensity sensor, light intensity sensor, temperature, humidity and soil moisture content sensors, and a rtc. 

The base station will be an all in one with a Nokia 5110 display and some buttons for menus.  We will discuss options for making it a remote system with wires, wireless communications and having a base unit that allows you to control it from within your house, and having the sensors connected to either an uno or nano. 

I'm also working on an anemometer and direction system, that uses ultrasonic transducers (4) to measure both wind speed and direction with no moving parts.

All the parts have shipped and will be here in time for the class. Here's the list of people who have signed up for the class, an asterisk indicates you asked for the parts to be ordered or they are reserved. I have 10 sets of parts coming.  I'll have the instructions and code out before the class.